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Metropolitan Transportation Commision - Pavement Management Program

MTCs Pavement Management Program: Working for You

As a MPO, MTC advocates Transportation Asset Management to "maximize system performance, improve customer satisfaction, and minimize life-cycle costs."

"The Bay Area is one of the first regions in the country to implement a pavement management system that is used by nearly all of its localities." - FHWA recognized StreetSaver as an effective asset management program.

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Rater Certification Exam

We are pleased to announce the brand new Rater Certification Exam that is designed to improve the quality of pavement management data collected by pavement raters. Exam dates are July 24 and 25....More

StreetSaver is Compliant with ASTM D6433

Since inception, StreetSaver users have enjoyed the simplicity of using the seven modified ASTM D6433 distresses for pavement evaluation. Now, StreetSaver offers the option of evaluating pavement distress in full compliance with ASTM D6433.

The Regional Streets & Roads

MTC's RSRP provides assistance to Bay Area cities and counties with their pavement management needs. The RSRP support structure includes: user meetings, technology transfer sessions, training to address common aspects of pavement management, and teaches users about current software tools.
  StreetSaver® - Pavement Management Software

StreetSaver® v.9 is a tool helping cities and counties make informed, and timely, decisions about their pavements - preventing problems through judicious maintenance, and diagnosing and repairing problems that exist in a cost-effective manner.

StreetSaver® v.9 Online is now available. More...

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